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Nov 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
ready to builds own phone. >>> san francisco's city attorney asking the maker of popular energy drink provide proof behind claims and advertising. city attorney herrera sent the letter to monster beverage asking the company to back up claims that the energy drinks itself are safe for children and adults. monster has come under scrutiny after the fda received reports the deaths of five people may be linked to the company's energy drinks. >>> more trouble in the wake of superstorm sandy long lines commuters are still waiting in to get gasoline and what one impatient driver is accused of doing that could land him in jail for 15 years. >>> java jolt in the race for president. the starbucks executive throwing his support behind one of the candidates after >>> 87 northbound headlights in san jose hazy, fog thickest inland valleys east bay and will run into this morning. dry and we have record high temperatures in the seven day forecast. >>> 6:14. only four days until election day. new poll shows the race for president remains about dead even. new poll shows 49% of likely voters across
Oct 31, 2012 6:00am PDT
are probably still asleep, but their fans are here and check them out. they are full of energy. they still have another six hours to go before they even see a player. they told me that i been passing the time listening to music and talking the giants and their chances for next year. some of the fans got here yesterday to stakeout their spots. >> got here at 8:00, planning on staying until the end of the parade the reason why is because it is the giants winning the world series i used to think it only happens once every 50 something odd years now they got their second world series title in three years, it is pretty much reliving the whole 2012 season. >> reporter: they are here early but they are going to miss the parade it stars at 11:00 this morning down market they think it will take an hour and a half to get the 100 cars and threats through. they are estimating they will get here around 12:30. then they think everything will wrap up around 2:00. some of the players that will be speaking include cain, romo and sandoval. the fans are here ready to go, those who got here yesterday sa
Nov 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
and warm weather for the weekend. cold front we talked with about this yesterday, chunk of energy was going to head north look how much farther east the cold front went. it slowed as it climbed through our elevation changes high pressure to the south and east helped hold it up. that's why we have that steady rain through 7:00 in the south bay, out of the bay area by 11:00, noon you can see the clouds breaking out from north to south stray shower possible into the around hours most of us don't feed to worry about it. -- don't need to worry about it. [ unintelligible ] warm air will buy high clouds tomorrow, dry air comes in for saturday and sunday, monday well below average towards saturday, we set our clocks back an hour and check batteries. >>> good morning. little busier, still with wet roads live look at the golden gate bridge traffic flowing southbound nicely headlights towards the toll out of marin. bay bridge, metering lights on traffic backed beyond overcrossing into san francisco, no problems upper deck past metering lights. santa cruz mountains southbound 17 at idyllwild, sta
Oct 27, 2012 6:00am PDT
own money for green energy projects spelled out in his proposition 39. and mercury insurance founder george joseph has pumped $16 million into prop 33, which changes how car insurance rates are calculated. the u.s. supreme court said it's okay to give unlimited amounts of money to ballot measures. >> i think it's telling voters that the initiative process isn't for everyone. when you see this many wealthy people crowded on one ballot together putting in these giant sums of money, it's unprecedented. >> we work with charles munger on the redistricting reform. >> he took a lot of money from charles during a previous election because he couldn't get government reform through the legislature. the group says someone has to pay for all those ads and campaign efforts. >> to qualify a ballot measure takes an an incredible amount of time and money needed for the signatures required by the constitution. but money doesn't always win. the california voter foundation said voters only approve a third of initiatives because it's harder to convince people to vote yes. >> you can buy your way
Oct 28, 2012 6:00am PDT
. it was felt in alaska's southeast communities, but most of the energy was sent to the southwest toward the hawaiian islands. so far there are no reports of major damage on land. the first waves are just now hitting the hawaiian islands, but they are smaller than first predicted. the largest wave was measured on maui at five feet. about two feet higher than normal levels. last night's warning triggered coastal evacuations in hawaii but it's been lowered to an advisory. people in honolulu have been told they can return home. harbors remain closed. people are asked to stay away from the water for the next several hours. >> we're telling people, yes, you can return home, and we are doing those things required of us for due diligence and to make sure there would be nothing that would make it unsafe for them to return home, and that's being done right now. >> california remains under a tsunami advisory, but waves in the pacific northwest have been measured in just inches. no damaging waves are expected here. we will check in with meteorologist lisa argen for the latest on the tsunami
Oct 30, 2012 6:00am PDT
inland to salinas. like yesterday, late bay sunshine, sun angle this time of year not enough energy coming out of the sun to quickly scour out this cloud cover, going to take the better part of the day to get sunshine around the bay and coast. evening rain for halloween, third forecast highlight drier, warmer this weekend. more clearing in the east bay valleys, more sun today, mid to upper 70s, low to mid 70s the rest of us. monterey 67, mid 70s rest of the bay upper 70s inland. cloud cover everywhere tonight mild temperatures in the 50s once again. high pressure dominating our weather now, keeping cold front at bay, this low going to hook-up with cold front and bring the rain into the forecast the rain is going to arrive tomorrow evening in the north bay, steadier rain during trick-or-treating hours starting to move into the heart of the bay as we end trick-or-treating 8:00, 9:00, heaviest rain midnight through the morning rush hour. for most of us outside the north bay, biggest nuisance from this rain will be the commute thursday morning. scattered showers thursday afternoon, dry
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6